The uPVC Windows Alliance is an initiative of members of the Vinyl Council of Australia. Supported by leading manufacturers of uPVC window profiles for the Australian and New Zealand markets, the uPVC Windows Alliance aims to share information and resources on uPVC windows so that specifiers, architects, designers and home-owners can make fully-informed decisions about which type of window to install.

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The Vinyl Council’s purpose is to strengthen and advance the sustainability of the Australian PVC industry.

Through the Vinyl Council of Australia, the Australian PVC industry shares information about the health, safety and environmental performance of PVC at every stage of its life cycle. This dialogue is an important way for all stakeholders, including the community at large, to help achieve our goal of a sustainable industry.

In the video below, we hear from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association about the growth of the uPVC window market in the US and lessons for Australia.


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