Drawing on their collective technological and manufacturing expertise from working in the automotive sector, four business partners are building capacity to lead the Australian housing market towards higher performing wndows.


Thermotek Windows have streamlined the fabrication of quality uPVC windows designed for the Australian market and supplied to builders, architects and home buyers. With a commitment to educating the Australian market on the benefit of, and need to improve thermal and acoustic insulation, ThermoTek are investing in uPVC window manufacturing in Victoria as the solution.


Manny Temelso, one of the partners behind ThermoTek, sees one of their challenges as overcoming the inertia of the Australian market to move away from the widespread use of less efficient windows, but he has started to see a growing number of consumers now demanding double-glazing and higher performing window systems.


Read more about Manny and his partners' business and their belief in uPVC windows being the right choice for Australia in a feature article "ThermoTek Windows: Harnessing Innovation" published by the Australian Window Association.