uPVC windows are a great choice for replacement windows in older homes.  

Replacing old windows, particularly single-glazed aluminium ones, with double-glazed uPVC windows will play a significant role in improving the energy efficiency outcomes of a rennovation.Calculate Energy Savings uPVC Windows

New windows are an investment in the long term performance of your home and may raise the value of your property.

In the US, 60-70 percent of replacement windows are specified in uPVC - and for good reason!  As replacement windows, uPVC windows will lower your maintenance requirements, improve sound and thermal insulation and enhance security of your home.

According to the efficientglazing.net tool, if you replace typical aluminium-framed single-glazed windows in a medium sized house in Melbourne, with typical uPVC double glazed windows, over one tonne of greenhouse gas emissions will be saved every year!


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